Question by April: Where to have a wedding and reception in one?
I am looking for a place around marshall mi to have a wedding and reception at the same place. The problem i am having is there are not many places that will hold over 200 guests. I have even looked into renting a tent for the back yard, but we want this to be an elegant wedding and the tent and tables alone are 1900, not counting any decorations and that seems like a lot to us. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!

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Answer by Reba
Have you been looking at local halls or just restaurants? I find it hard to believe that there is no hall that will hold over 200 people. You should try your local Knights of Columbus or other club halls like the Elks etc. Many of these places have different size function rooms that can accommodate 300+ people.

Another options is to check out some local hotel ballrooms. You do not need a separate room for the ceremony, but you can get married in the same hall as your reception To do this everyone will be seated at their tables, and you can make an “aisle” down the center of the dance floor with whatever decorations, a runner etc you want. Then after the ceremony you remove all the decorations for the reception.

I’m sure you can find a place, just google reception hall and your location.

Good luck!

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