Wedding Rings – The Quick Guide

Wedding rings symbolize the union of two people joined by the ring finger.  Some people say the ring finger has an artery that leads straight to the heart. I don’t know if that’s true but it is romantic.

Once married most people don’t take off their wedding bands, as a sign of their faithfulness to each other.  It’s also a good idea to leave them on because it is surprisingly easy to lose your rings.

How to Save on your Wedding Rings

Here is the buzz on saving a few bucks on your wedding rings:

  • Simple gold bands are the cheapest. They can run $125 to $400 each. They are also classic and elegant.
  • Silver bands are modern and cheap.
  • Don’t buy the designer version of gold bands. That will save you a bunch.
  • If you want white metal, opt for white gold. Platinum is almost double the price.
  • You’ll save almost half if you buy a coordinating set or trio (engagement ring, your wedding band and his band.)
  • If you want a ring with a stone, don’t forget semi-precious stones are beautiful. You don’t have to have diamonds in your wedding rings.
  • Family wedding bands are a romantic heirloom and free.
  • Shopping online can save you money. Make sure you pick a secure site with great customer service.
  • Check out local pawn shops too.
  • Consider stones other than diamonds.  Princess Diana had a sapphire ring, you could too!
  • If you really want something more-make a plan-start saving now and decide to upgrade your wedding rings on your fifth anniversary or your tenth anniversary.  Maybe you could plan to renew your vows then too!

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