Question by Nicole: Wedding location problem!!?
Okay, my fiance and I are wanting to get married on a Sunday. All of his work buddies are off on a Sunday so they can go. Problems are, no church except the historical park chapel (holds 120) will let us have a wedding on Sunday. Which that isn’t really the problem as much as mine and his lists are at 123 now, and my parents are wanting to invite MORE people. They say having a wedding on a Sunday is bad. That it should be on Saturday, but i think that’s only so they can get all their friends to go as well. Me and my fiance talked about just going to Vegas, that way NO ONE can go but us…what should i do??!!
And if I do go to Vegas, should I have a reception when we come back to celebrate with my family and friends? (i.e. bring photos of the honeymoon and wedding and such?)

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Answer by lrd00a
I WISH I had done Vegas when I had the chance. I did the church wedding, and wish that I would have saved the money and either gone to Vegas or City Hall.

Have a nice weekend in Vegas, come back married, and have fun! No regrets, no expectations.

EDIT: Yes, have a reception for friends/family at your house with finger foods/dessert and refreshments.

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