Singapore Brides Attention!!

All the Singapore Brides to be, the most important day of your life has finally arrived! You’ve finally said yes. It’s the beginning of a new journey that can be equally daunting as it can be exhilarating. There’s just so much to do, it can be mind-numbing. Don’t worry. I have helped people planned and executed a wedding in less than three months. It’s daunting, but it’s not impossible.

So if you have the luxury of a year or more for your wedding preparation, you should really feel great because you have a lot of time to plan the biggest day of your life. Assuming you want a traditional wedding, the first decisions to be made consist of: the date, your attendants, and where the reception will be held. Of course, the date could be your most crucial decision.

The Wedding Date for Singapore Brides

Typically, couples get married on a Saturday. If genuinely want to save some cash, consider having your ceremony on a Thursday or Friday. How about having a Sunday service on a holiday weekend? You’ll find that there are many more open dates on these days and you’ll inevitably realize more savings by booking on these non conventional time frames. Many reception locations will offer a price reduction for an off day. If they don t offer it, request it.

Also, you really should consider an early marriage and an early reception. An 11:00 marriage with a reception right after can allow you to have great savings since many guests will have already had lunch before your ceremony and the reception will most likely be over by dinner, so all you’ll have to provide is some light finger foods to tide over those rumbling bellies!
You have to decide how many attendants you’ll have so you can bestow the honor on them early enough! They can save the date and help you plan! Traditionally, the bridesmaids are responsible for their own wedding attire, but the bride normally has the final say on what they wear. Be aware of your attendants’ budget and don’t choose that $500 satin chiffon number. Remember, you’re attempting to throw a wedding on a budget. Let them save some cash as well!

The Wedding Venue

Singapore Brides

Singapore Brides

Where your reception will be held is yet another huge decision that has to be made early on in the wedding planning stage. If you would like to opt for a traditional reception hall, you’ll have to book early to be certain you can get the venue of your liking.

To help all you Singapore Brides prepare for your dream wedding,  we have prepared tons of information about how to create a dream wedding on a shoe string budget on this site. But do remember to book your wedding venue early. That is one of the most important aspect of your wedding preparation. Having that taken care of will free up more of your time to concentrate on the little details that can mean a great deal of!

Free Means Bad?

You might actually want to consider a free location to hold your reception such as a friend’s home, a church’s reception hall, the local park, art gallery, and even your own home.Be creative. Just because the location is free does not mean that it cannot be classy. I have seen many friends held their wedding ceremony inside a beautiful park for very little money. The best things in life may not have to be expensive.

Singapore Brides, Be Prepared!

So Singapore Brides, prepare yourself for that dream wedding, the most important day of your life! And remember this, that dream can be achieved with a very reasonable budget!

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