Question by Marisa13: Problem with upcoming Catholic wedding ceremony?
Me and my fiance had just moved to this town and are new here. I am Catholic, he is not. I would like to have us start the marriage preparation classes the church offers, the problem is, we don’t know anyone here, and dont know who we would invite for the ceremony. Can we just have the wedding at some regular mass and, I know this sounds strange, but, with a bunch of strangers? My parents and friends live across the country and can’t afford to fly here.

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Answer by Faustina
Can you afford to fly to you’re parents and friends? I am sure arrangements can be made. If you can’t afford it, maybe ask for sponsorship from your family? Talk to a priest on what can be arranged over distiance.

@ *The Buddhist Swastika* Hitler was as much of a catholic as the Buddhist Swastika is a nazi symbol.

Problems with your reference: Pope Gregory IX

1. 6 April 1233 “Mandate, if facts are established, to the archbishops and bishops of France to induce the Christians in their dioceses to stop persecuting the Jews, who had complained to the pope that they were being maltreated and tortured by certain lords, imprisoned and left to die. The Jews are willing to forsake usury. They are to be set free and are not to be injured in person or in property.”
2. 3 May 1235 “Protection provided to Jews by standard formula of Sicut Judeis.
3. 17 August 1236 “List of charges against Emperor Frederick II includes the “matter of the Jewish communities of which certain churches were deprived.”
4. 5 September 1236 to force the crusaders of their dioceses who had killed and robbed Jews to provide proper satisfaction for the crimes perpetrated against the Jews and for the property stolen from them.

Does not mention ‘Mit brennender Sorge’

Does not mention that since Hitler left his parents home he received no sacraments.

There are more problems.

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