Question by jamesM: Need help with problem!!!! crossdressing wedding?
Soo I am going to my cousin’s wedding….she’s my favorite cousin she told me that she wants me to dress for the wedding( I’m a crossdresser) should I wear the dress I bought its a cute strapless pink dress and got some fabulous silver pumps to go with it or should I suit up? I’m passable but I’m kinda embarassed cause my father is gonna be there he knows I’m a crossdress and fine with it but this will be the first time he sees his son in a dress help please????

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Answer by DeLaney
I think you should talk to your cousin first and ask what her reaction might be if you wore a dress to her wedding…don’t get me wrong, I am 100% for the gay community, genderqueer, transexual, even crossdressing community but this is a special day to your cousin and you could embaress him/her, as closed minded as it sounds. But I’m sure if your cousin cared about you enough to invite you to their wedding they would understand your way of life(: but it all boils down to talking things out.

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